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South Indian Restaurant at Croydon



We are located in 60 South End, Croydon CR0 1DP



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South Indian food and Indian Currys are among UK’s favourites cuisines. We saw the opportunity, when we noticed the lack of authentic South Indian dishes at reasonable cost in Croydon, especially South End and we decided to open up a South Indian Restaurant that serves South Indian delicacies in its own flavours yet adapting to the spice (mild) requirements of London foodies.


For few years ‘Croydonites’ were bored with Dosas and Chutneys served by large scale regular outlets who let customers down, with every dish they serve, and drive down peoples interest in Indian food. We want to reverse this trend and re-kindle people’s interest in Indian cuisine specially South Indian varieties by offering India’s regional (South India) cuisines – from cities like Chennai, Mysore, Cochin, Chetinad, Hyderabad – which collectively share the richness of South Indian dishes to the rest of the world.

We are committed to delivering tasty dishes that combine the intense and aromatic flavours of South Indian cuisine, with a variety of fresh local produced vegetables, daals and spices to bring you back to a well served table in our restaurant offering nourishing and delightfully tasting South Indian dishes.

Even though Navaratna specializes in South Indian dishes, our menu is not limited to traditional South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idly, Vada, Uthappam, rather we serve a lot of other North Indian and regional dishes like Maru Bhajia, Onion Bhajee, Lamb Coconut Fry, Fish Pollichathu etc. We have made ready a delightful choice of tasty dishes to interest every one of our customers.

To place an order call: img077 95438908 / 020 8686 7468

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  • Lunch Special
    • Rasam £3.50

      (Two pieces)

      A Herbal Soup made with Tamarind, Tomato, Garlic, Pepper, Cumin seeds, mustard seeds.

    • Medhu Vada £4.25


      Lentil doughnut (made with urid land rice flour, deep fried) served with chutney.

    • Vegetable Samosa £4.25

      (Two pieces)

      The greatest street snack of all India served with mint sauce or Tamarind Sauce.

    • Sambhar Vada / Rasam Vada £4.50

      (Two-piece Vada immersed in lentil soup/Rasam)

      Vada immersed in lentil soup

    • Chilli Mogo / Chilli Mushroom / Chilli Gobi£6.75

      Deep fried sautéed with onion, capsicum and spring onion.

    • Gobi 65 £6.75

      Deep fried, marinated cauliflower or Mushroom seasoned with South Indian spices.

    • Chilli Paneer £6.95

      Classic Indian cheese seasoned with hot South Indian spices.

    • Paneer Majestic£6.50

      Paneer batter fried and garnished with cashew nuts, mint and coriander leaves.

    • Chicken 65 £6.95

      Tender chicken deep fried and seasoned with cayenne peppers, mustard and vinegar.

    • Chicken Chukka£6.95

      Tender boneless chicken cooked in traditional South Indian style.

    • Mutton Chukka£6.95

      Tender boneless mutton cooked in traditional South Indian style

    • King Fish Fry£6.95

      King fish steaks marinated with spices and deep fried.

    • Spicy Prawn£6.95

      King prawns marinated, deep fried and sautéed in hot spices, mint and cashew nuts.

    • Salt and Pepper Fish Fry£6.95

      Crispy tilapia fish flavoured with spices and toasted with salt, pepper and garlic

    • Dhal Makhini £6.95

      (Different kind of dhal cooked with thick gravy)

    • Saag Dhal £5.95

      (Spinach cooked with dhal)

    • Dhal Tadka£5.95

      (Dhal cooked with onion, tomato, ginger and garlic)

    • Channa Masala£5.95

      (Chickpeas cooked in a rich sauce)

    • Aloo Gobi£5.95

      (Potato cooked with cauliflower with semi sauce)

    Take Away Available

    15% off for all Take Away collection

    Minimum Order £ 20.00

    Please Note:

    Our Menu may contain one or more of the following ALLERGENS: Flour products (Gluten), EGGS, MILK, NUTS, SOYA, CELERY, FISH, PEANUTS, MOLLUSCS, CRUSTACEANS, LUPIN, SESAME SEEDS, SULPHUR DI OXIDE (If you have any allergic reactions please inform the staff before you place your order. We are happy to provide you with an alternate dish).

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    What Customers Say

    • One of the best South Indian Food at resonable price in Croydon! Yumm!!

      - Laura

    • Delicious food! We love Navaratna, have become our saturday regular :))

      - Pete

    • Amazing food.. Awesome service . XX

      - Senthil

    Latest News


    We serve Chetinad food

    • By Admin
    • Date: August 10 2016

    Chettinad Chicken is a special tasty dish with full of wonderful lip-smacking flavors. Our Chettinad Chicken is an authentic, traditional dish blended with the perfect spiciness and is easy to prepare. The simple and tasty chicken with fresh spicy flavors will engulf your home. Enjoy the dish.

    Special Dosa on all occasions.

    • By Admin
    • Date: May 10 2016

    We invite you to try the outstanding taste of South Indian mouth-watering authentic food, our speciality DOSA . Very popular all time food, a very healthy low fat food. Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Onion Dosa, Cheese Dosa and many other variety of Dosas are available at Navaratana restaurant.

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